New Beginnings

I’ve had an awful year. There has been lots of personal problems that have divided my attention and time. But these past two months things have turned a corner. Perhaps one I wasn’t expecting or initially wanted, but perhaps what was needed.

For all the best intentions in the world, sometimes things just cannot work out the way you want them to. Things break. Stress, life and illness can get in the way. 

So, what does that mean here on the blog? Well I am still rebranding. I am still sticking with the name and nothing much will change. However, for a while at least there will be little posts on parenting and family for personal reasons. I may comment on life as a parent but in a less direct manner. Instead this blog is going to be purely concentrating on gaming. Due to my pending move from one home to another in the near future, I do not know when I will finish the posts I have been writing behind the scenes. I also currently do not have access to my computers or consoles (I need to buy new ones). With my handy smartphone being much more blogging friendly, it means I should be able to update or at least converse over Twitter or Facebook more to chat with you all things life and gaming. 

I am in talks currently with hosting options and the blog will be gaining its own domain name which makes me very excited! I am also looking for an artist who can help me with the logo and design of the page. 

Related news is that soon I will be starting a journalism course which will gain me more links in the industry and in the press world. Rather exciting. I also plan to get back in with all you fellow bloggers and perhaps meet some of you at events across the UK. 

Thank you for being ever so patient and still following me. Please come and say hi on Twitter or Facebook the links of which are below. I look forward to giving you all further news and developments and talking to you all.

Always forward, forward always.

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Work & Family -The Home & Life Balance


So my new job is in full swing for the past few weeks (wasn’t meaning to be so long between posts!), and my Hubby just got a proper job too! Of course, this is a massive change for Miss. She is used to having Mummy to herself (to a point!). And Daddy goes out sometimes, but not for long periods of time like shift work causes.

Adjustment is needed. Tonight while Hubby went off to work, she said “Daddy isn’t coming back.” And I said time and time again, yes he is just after your bedtime. I tried explaining how Mummy is at work in the mornings but Mummy comes back later. This is the same thing. But she is still finding it difficult to understand. She even started wetting the bed again.

It’s hard. I hate leaving at the morning at six AM. My heart strings feel like they’re breaking to be sneaking out of the house, even though I know this will be so much better for us. My job is also flexible, in that as she gets older I can move my hours around to longer or to be around school times.  Hubby will be the stable breadwinner, which makes him happy, and he’s guaranteed overtime if he wants it. My work, well it’s a bit pants money wise. But I’m enjoying it, and that’s great. I’ve worked in a variety of different settings, but this one is different entirely. It’s not all paperwork or being sat at a computer or stacking shelves. It suits me.

As time goes on, we’ve no idea at this stage what will happen. I may not get any work one week (I really hope not!) which would hamper that week entirely for shopping. At least for now, Miss seems to be adjusting. It’ll just take time.

What about you? Are you a parent who works? How did you manage if you went back to work when your kid was older? Comment or Tweet me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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