Gamescom 2016: ‘Overwatch’ Has Some Major Changes Inbound

Unfortunately I couldn’t go to Gamescom this year, but it is still definitely one I have been watching at home for all the Esports and the news. All the Overwatch content made me very excited, so make a cuppa and get comfortable!


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Now if you’ve been playing Overwatch since launch like me, some of the maps are beginning to get a bit old. Especially Watchpoint: Gibraltar. I hate that map. So the time really feels right for Blizzard to give us a new battleground to play in.Eichenwalde is the first new map to be announced, and it looks beautiful. In true Overwatch style, the map is full of little details to make it less like a video game location and more a real place.

The bricks of the buildings look like you could touch them; the moss on the walls look fuzzy, with all the named buildings. And it really looks like a little abandoned town complete with a castle! I mean come on! A castle! Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller in his interview with Soe commented that the map is set in an abandoned town outside the Black Forest in Germany. With all the abandoned houses, it makes an insane amount of different routes to get to where you are going. So many nooks and crannies to hide in or on top of and to definitely box in the opponents.

The new map is not quite a payload and not quite a control point objective. In fact, it is both. You start by attacking the control point and once your team has it, you then defend the payload. The payload is a giant battering ram for the castle gates. When you have got the payload to the castle gates and captured the checkpoint there, the ram batters down the door to get into the castle.

The game finishes at the body/armour of someone who looks suspiciously like Reinhardt. It has been confirmed since the announcement that this guy at the end is Reinhardt’s old master, Balderich. To get a good look at the map, below is a video from popular streamer Unit Lost Gaming. He talks in depth as he plays on the map at Gamescom!


How cool right? I’m really looking forward to playing this map myself on console in September, but for those of you on PC, you can find it live now on the PTR. In the words of Tracer, “what are you waiting for”? Let me know your thoughts if you have PC PTR access or were at Gamescom and tried the map!

2: Competitive Changes!

This was not technically announced at Gamescom but just before, so lots of interviews made comments on it. And it is a major thing, which is why I have included it here. Everyone knows that the first season of competitive mode was a little bit of a sensitive issue. What with coin flips to decide who wins, supports not getting enough points and the loss of levels when you have a defeat. Blizzard has announced a brand new system for ranking. This seems to be based in a similar fashion to StarCraft II’s leagues.

You will be in a skill rating from 1-5000 and this number will be put in tier brackets of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch’s director posted a video on YouTube explaining the changes, which you can find below.

Also, in even better news, you will not be able to drop tiers (unless in the top two – Master and Grandmaster), just skill rating. This is fantastic. This makes much more sense. And sudden death is no more! Check out the video below from the man himself to see more information.

3: New Animated Short!

Gamescon was given the world premiere of the new short for Bastion. Whether you love or hate the little robot (Omnic is the official phrase here), this short gave you big feels! And now that Origin’s skin for him makes sense, finally. Check out the short below!

4: Overwatch Esports

There were matches aplenty at Gamescom for the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown tournament. These are currently being re-streamed on Twitch repeatedly which you can find here.

Unfortunately there was no mention of Sombra, that fabled hero that has been teased through the game. But, to be honest, I’m sure most people are happier with a brand new map and the new changes to competitive. I do have a feeling that Blizzcon 2016 will have a tonne of new content for us to drool over though.

Were you at Gamescom? What do you think of the new content and upcoming changes? Is there anything (other than Sombra!) you wished had been announced? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me here and all social media, the links are below!

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Why the Playstation 4 is Great for Us

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When the Playstation 4 came out, my Hubby showed a lot of control. It came out in the Autumn and he waited until January in the sales when there was an offer from a certain catalogue company. He was used to getting consoles when they came out, but he was now an adult with a family to make sure their needs are met.

To be honest, it sat there for 6 months not really doing much as he didn’t have a lot of games to play on it (there weren’t many out) and the price of new games really put him off. Then he switched it onto the main TV when we disposed of normal TV. Yes, we don’t watch TV. Set up Netflix and occasionally I would play a game that was free for PS+.

I really starting looking at the PS4 as a console when for Christmas last year he brought me FFXIV for it. I got it a few days early, before PSN got taken down (kids, don’t be jerks!). And I fell in love with it. I hadn’t got my new computer yet and I’d just had the old one finally give up on me so I was playing games on a now sluggish laptop (that reminds me, I still have to uninstall stuff on there!). It ran beautifully on the PS4, I could not believe how amazing it looked for a console running an MMO! I was expecting it to look awful. There was next to no lag when running ST and I just couldn’t believe how great it looked.

Hubby agreed and we started slowly (because damn those prices! Another post, another time!) building up a PS4 collection. InFamous Second Son and Watchdogs were two of them. We already had Knack, FIFA 2014, and Killzone free with the bundle Hubby brought. Of course, PS+ games helped build this up even more and we now have a really impressive library of games. Our most latest purchases include Driveclub and Batman: Arkham Knight. And of course Rocket League!

Occasionally during the day, I’ll pull up an armchair and load up Driveclub with some music going with Miss and her controller driving. Most of the time though I play the PS4 in the evenings. That way I can sit and play something like Watchdogs or InFamous that otherwise I’d miss the cutscenes of!

The PS4 is great for us. We can use Netflix (even if PSN is down hurrah!), put Spotify on for its vast library of children’s songs or popular songs for Mummy’s sanity! ; and of course play games, even remotely using the Vita! The other thing that is great is the integration of Twitch streaming. Hubby taught me about Twitch and those 3am feeds long ago would be made slightly better by Twitch streamers keeping my attention and awake rather that 3am TV! I have streamed on occasion, but I’m actually really shy! Seriously! I get self conscious about my voice. Anyway, being able to stream if I want to and watch other streamers play games on their PS4s is amazing. This is how I’ve found games I could be interested in getting- it’s great PR for games and their developers.

The one game that will test how I feel about the graphics and how it plays games will be The Last of Us. I was blown away on the PS3 version because of how it ran and how amazing it looked graphically. If the PS4 does not at least match it graphically (though to be fair Id be disappointed if it wasn’t better!) it would be a major let down. I don’t think I can describe how disappointed I would be. I’m going to get through some of my library of games first though!

I imagine as Miss gets older the use of the PS4 will change. I’ll even probably have to set her up a profile! But that’s the great thing about consoles, they grow and adapt with you.

How do you use your console other than for gaming? Tweet me or comment below, I would love to know.

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