Why do I write?


Why Do I Write? (c)The Gaming Mum 2016

Someone asked me recently a key question I think all Bloggers should think about. Why do I write? It’s a loaded question isn’t it? And one that certainly requires thought.

When I started this blog, I had written several personal blogs from teenage years (some of them I’m so glad the services got taken offline, I bet they were full of teenage angst!). With no job at the time, and parenting being a sometimes lonely exisitance, I wanted to write. Since meeting my Hubby, my love for games has grown and reminded me why I used to play games in the first place. Me time. Everyone needs that personal time to themselves. But at the same time, I wanted to write out my feelings with parenting and my opinion on games. I am a fairly unique dynamic, being female, a parent and a gamer. I have tried to make games in the past, but must admit I’m pretty lost over it all! I have a lot of respect for developers who can create these beautiful games to share with people the world over.

I digress. Back in early 2000’s I was at University and it was suggested to me because of issues at the time that I changed my BA Hons in Drama to joint with another subject to ease the pressure (Drama is not as easy as it looks, it is an absurd amount of pressure and time consuming…). I looked around at what my University offered as I was about to enter my final year and a lot of courses would be out just purely because of prerequists. Then I found the Creative Writing course. This was a new course and the third year students would be the first to graduate on it. My personal tutor at the time knew I had some sort of creative bone this was because I’d shown her a script for a one act stage play. So, that was my minor as a Joint Honours. In the end, I didn’t complete the degree due to one specific module and other personal issues, but I did get enough credits to get a DipHE in Drama with Creative Writing. Those Creative Writing classes were amazing to me. I could set myself free. At the time, I did consider the fact that I could write as a career but when I finished University, the Recession hit and jobs everywhere were like needles in haystacks – especially for someone with a University Diploma rather than a degree in Journalism or suchlike. The period of time after that is definately another story.

So just over one year ago, why did I chose to start The Gaming Mum Blog? I had what I called itchy fingers. I wanted to write, and although I could finish that novel that is waiting for me to go back to or write some short stories, I had no idea what to do with those. Plus if writers block hit, I really would be back to square one. Plus I wanted to be heard. I didn’t want to write and it be stuck somewhere gathering virtual or physical dust. What’s the point in writing if it is not read? I was watching a lot of Twitch streamers at the time (okay, I still do!) and thinking, well I could do that. Maybe not stream as I’m microphone shy and get anxious, but I can comment on games. And there is a lot of parenting blogs, why not include that in there too? I’m still a parent after all. I’m still a struggling parent who soon has to deal with the first day of school milestone… And The Gaming Mum was born.

A year on, my blog did get neglecting a little (so sorry sweetie!) due to securing full time work. But this is still my home. My space. My opinions. And I love it. The joy I feel after completing a blog post, seeing page views go up and people interacting with me on Twitter who happen to have thousands of followers… it’s amazing. Right now I am in discussions to securing a permanent home complete with my own URL! It’s exciting. I am slowly getting myself more organised, starting with my desk (it was  a pigsty dumping ground) which is now more organised and I’m making it a proper work and game space. I also plan to make more videos and perhaps branch out into more videos on Youtube with audio commentary as well. And I’m trying to get over my fears of streaming (hey, I’m an anxious and nervous person really!) I have plans for where I want to be in a year’s time. If I could make talking about games, consoles, PC Gaming and making associated video content as a full time job I would jump for it. That would be the ideal. I do not want to work in my current industry forever. I want to interview developers, be physically at GamesCon and especially Blizzcon as not just a gamer, but a commentator on games. As a blogger.

So the original question, Why Do I Write? It’s simple. Because I want to. I have something to say. I enjoy it. And most of all, I think everyone who visits my blog or engages with me enjoys my little space on the web. And as long as I have the passion there, this blog will continue and you’ll hopefully continue to see my love for games and my parenting antics as time goes on.

What do you think? Do you blog or write? Perhaps you stream or make Vlogs or other types of Youtube videos? Why do YOU write?

Comment below or on social media, I’d love to hear your answers!

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