The Xbox One – My review

I am sorry my hiatus has been so long, but things have been difficult to juggle recently with the holidays in between too! I am making sure time is allocated each week now in my blog as I’m loving doing this blog for all of you and appreciate the support.

Onto my post!


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A few months ago, just before Fallout 4 and Halo 5 came out, my Hubby finally caved and bought an Xbox. For a while, it wasn’t used too much until we started to build up  game library of games (games coming out around November plus Christmas sales? = Big dent in my and Hubby’s wallet!). Now I feel like I’m qualified to tell all you lovely readers what I think of the Xbox One.

The Controller

I wanted to start with this first as for many gamers (myself included) the controller is so important. It needs to look good and feel good in your hand. Especially if you are going to be sat playing Halo multiplayer for six hours straight. It is bulky. I have quite small hands and although I can reach all the buttons etc, it still feels big and bulky in my hands. However, Hubby finds it perfect so I think most of this is down to how big your hands are! It is rather heavy though but it is responsive, and you definitely want that as you aim for headshots.

The Console Itself

I will come on to the OS in a moment but the console itself looks amazing. The one thing I loved since they announced the new console was its design. Sleek, sophisticated and no nonsense. It fits in my home perfectly and looks great in its place in the TV Unit.

Xbox Dashboard

Now as many of you are aware, the dashboard is no longer what it was when we originally bought the Xbox. Microsoft realized no one liked the old UI in its clunky and slow nature and instead gave us 2.0. It is sleeker, easier to find things, and the snap app (usually) works well finally. I cannot comment on it being connected up to TV services such as Sky because ours is not connected at the present time. Sometimes I find the apps lagging behind (“Twitch has taken too long to load…”), but I am wondering if that’s just because we need to hurry up and finish some games on there as the only downsize is the size of the Hard Drive.

Slight con: The Hard Drive

Responsive but mentioned previously, the hard drive is not big enough for a vast library at a time. You have to download/install games onto the hard drive to play them which in some cases can be over 20GB (Fallout 4 I’m looking at you!). That is a lot of space. You can get one terrabyte versions which would be better but I’m just looking at the 500GB and in all honesty, the Xbox should have had a terrabyte as standard but that’s more a clever marketing ploy.  


All in all, I love the Xbox One. Do I have a preference as to which console is my favourite of the current generation? Well, both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have pros and cons. I certainly feel the Playstation Store is easier to negotiate on the console than Xbox’s one. And I find the dashboard better and games look better as a whole on the Playstation. But the Xbox feels somewhat smoother sometimes. And a big plus for me is that you can watch Heroes of the Storm games or any PC game being streamed through Xbox’s Twitch app. If the Xbox had the ability to use Spotify on it, it probably would be my favourite though. I am playing Destiny on it, and the integration with the snapping of apps (now it’s fixed!) is better than going back to the dashboard on Playstation.

So basically, can I choose one or the other? No. Both consoles are both similar and different. Perhaps in a few months I should come back to my review and see if I have a different opinion.
What do you think? Are you Xbox or Playstation? What do you prefer and like about it? Comment or Tweet me, I’d love to know!


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