Work & Family -The Home & Life Balance


So my new job is in full swing for the past few weeks (wasn’t meaning to be so long between posts!), and my Hubby just got a proper job too! Of course, this is a massive change for Miss. She is used to having Mummy to herself (to a point!). And Daddy goes out sometimes, but not for long periods of time like shift work causes.

Adjustment is needed. Tonight while Hubby went off to work, she said “Daddy isn’t coming back.” And I said time and time again, yes he is just after your bedtime. I tried explaining how Mummy is at work in the mornings but Mummy comes back later. This is the same thing. But she is still finding it difficult to understand. She even started wetting the bed again.

It’s hard. I hate leaving at the morning at six AM. My heart strings feel like they’re breaking to be sneaking out of the house, even though I know this will be so much better for us. My job is also flexible, in that as she gets older I can move my hours around to longer or to be around school times.  Hubby will be the stable breadwinner, which makes him happy, and he’s guaranteed overtime if he wants it. My work, well it’s a bit pants money wise. But I’m enjoying it, and that’s great. I’ve worked in a variety of different settings, but this one is different entirely. It’s not all paperwork or being sat at a computer or stacking shelves. It suits me.

As time goes on, we’ve no idea at this stage what will happen. I may not get any work one week (I really hope not!) which would hamper that week entirely for shopping. At least for now, Miss seems to be adjusting. It’ll just take time.

What about you? Are you a parent who works? How did you manage if you went back to work when your kid was older? Comment or Tweet me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Work & Family -The Home & Life Balance

  1. I don’t have kids so can’t really give much advice, but I’ve heard that kids do adjust pretty well so I’m sure when she realises that you’ll always come back, it won’t be so distressing for her. It must be heart breaking to see her struggle to understand though 😦

    Corinne x


    • Apologies for the delay 😀 Slowly but surely she is adjusting. She often acts out with me now rather than wanting to spend time with me though. In a few weeks I’m changing jobs which is actual shift work so I’m hoping a proper routine of Mummy going to work and not coming back to go back to work several hours later will help!

      Thanks for the comment, and sorry again about the reply waiting so long 😀 x

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