Streamers of the Week

Welcome to this first post of Streamers of the Week!

This series will once a week contain my favourite streamers of the moment. I watch a lot on Twitch and have done for a while, and nothing is better than finding new streamers that are fun to watch and listen to, but perhaps have a small following!

First up is Spamfish.

Spamfish playing WoW on Twitch

Spamfish playing WoW on Twitch

A fellow Brit who I found via another streamer. A variety streamer who has returned to World of Warcraft (how I found him, watching WoW streams haha!). He hasn’t played WoW for a while and the game has changed a lot. Even since I first started, the game has massively changed and to be honest it’s a bit overwhelming! Anyway, Spamfish really is a variety streamer, has a nice soothing voice to listen to. (I say this because I’ve noped right out of streams with grating voices!) I really think he’s one to keep an eye on! You can find him here.

Next: Pixe1ina

Pixe1ina playing DarkSouls

Pixe1ina playing DarkSouls

A female streamer, part of the Types of Dudes team on Twitch, she also has a good singing voice! She streams a variety of different games and boosts her music soundtrack with singing. She is currently trying to also get partnered on Twitch. She is also one to watch, Check her out here.

Last but by no means least is : AnthonyAcc.

AnthonyAcc playing WoW

AnthonyAcc playing WoW

I’ve gone back to this guy’s stream several times in the evening. Because he’s awesome. A variety streamer that just loves what he does, he engages with the chat, says hi to people and his  stream is just a pleasure to watch. (I think it helps he sang to me too, maybe I’m biased!) Honestly you should really check him out. He is a proper entertainer. Go say hi and that Witchysparkle sent you  here.

I hope you do check these guys out and see for yourself what great people they are. Do you have any recommedations? Comment below or Tweet me!


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