10 Things to Try with Your Preschooler This Summer

(c)TheGamingMum 2015

(c)TheGamingMum 2015

Summer holidays suck as a parent. As a child it never seems long enough. But for a parent who can’t explain to her threenager that we’re on a very low income as I await hours for my new job; this is hell.

When you cannot drive between you and the Grandparents are all busy, this means one thing. Most days you will be at home. Nearly every day. With no access to the garden which needs attacking by professionals. Seriously, I have a jungle for a garden, but unless you have over 30m extension cable, good luck reaching it!

But this sucks. I start a new job soon so I thought naively that I would be able to enjoy these last few weeks as a stay at home mum. No. We are officially a month down from when Nursery said it’s summer for those who aren’t paying for extra hours. And most of that month I admit has made me cry, scream, and wonder what I’ve done wrong. It’s not like a year ago before she went to Nursery and it was an everyday all day thing. Her mind has moved on, needing more and more stimulation or the meltdowns start. And quite frankly, for a child that can already count to thirty unaided, and has been saying the alphabet since she was two, this Mum has no idea where to go next learning wise!

Trying to teach her to write her name makes her frustrated, her name starts with a K and she can’t get the hang on the letter. I’m slowly teaching her French to compliment what Nursery are supposed to be teaching her (think I’ve taught her more than them). Miss is just so independent now, with a proper personality and attitude to match. The Threenager is definitely in residence!

So what am I to do? Here is a list of everything we’ve tried so far!

  • Colouring/writing/drawing – obvious but we just got given a printer so I’m able to print out many Peppa Pig/Doc Mcstuffins/Dora pictures as demand dictates.
  • Cutting/Sticking – only allowed when Mum is prepared for the mess and for the inevitable “I got glue in my hair Mummy!”
  • The ScrapBook. When she was in the Toddler room at Nursery, the kids would be given a copy of the Argos book to rip,cut and look through as they wanted. I thought this was genius as the massive book is free. All I have to do is walk into town, She will quite happily just sit and look through it and occasionally I’ll get the preschooler scissors out for her to practise with. And when it’s finished with, recycle and go get a new one!
  • Origami – I’m not great at this, though a quick google search can tell you all you need to make a paper hat, frog, pirate ship etc! Oodles of fun!
  • Dressing up – I admit, her dressing up box is a bit lacking. But combine bits such as old cot bedsheets for capes and the origami hats in different shapes and we have everything from pirates to superheroes to princesses!
  • Puppets – you can buy sets or make your own! Also if you use card and cut out the “puppets” you could try shadow puppets on a sunny day and make up a story!
  • The park – on good days, the best place to go to tire out little high energy persons! We’re lucky in that there is lots of different parks where we are so there is some variety.
  • Painting – With my Miss, this is not for the faint hearted. I have found paint on our ceiling. And we have high ceilings! Mind boggles.
  • Shopping – This is here because normally I do my shopping child free when she is at Nursery. I do not put her in the trolley and instead she walks around quite happily helping me fill the trolley and then emptying it! If I’m using the self-scan, she’ll help scan non-fragile stuff too.
  • Playdoh – The prepackaged stuff is amazing, but for cheap you can also make your own when you want it. It doesn’t last as long but hey, cheap is good! I’ll do a future blog post on my recipe for it and what I do to make it interesting!

There is more I could add to this list, but you get the idea!

How are you coping with the summer? Do you have any ideas to share? Tweet me or comment below!

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