World of Warcraft: Legion!

Blizzard Entertainment announced a brand new expansion! Streamed live from GamesCon (not Blizzcon!)

World of Warcraft: Legion!

World of Warcraft: Legion.

Oh my goodness. I watched the stream with Hubby & Miss (who eventually went to Peppa Pig on the PS4) and my Hubby screamed. Maybe I did too. Okay so I totally did.

At the first cinematic, the lead in from WoD, both of us cringed. Neither of us want to see another Orc expansion. Just no. It was a nice cinematic and I am proud to say it was me, not the Veteran of WoW, who spotted Illidan! I may be overly chuffed at that.

There was talking, then the announcement trailer. This is what we were all waiting for. Here is the run down with screenshots of the slides taken from MMO Champion as I was watching on Hubby’s PC (he has the speakers!)

New Hero Class –  The Demon Hunter! 

Demon Hunter!!

Demon Hunter!!

So excited for this! When the teaser on Twitter suggested that there may be a new class that was already in Heroes of the Storm, I suggested a link to Illidan but both myself and Hubby poo pooed it. We didn’t think it’d happen at all! And a hero class like the Death Knight means no levelling from 1! I hope it also means we can miss out on levelling in Draenor again..

New Continent – The Broken Isles

The Broken Isles

The Broken Isles

New continent pictures of zones looks amazing. So pretty and interesting! And the fact Dalaran is coming too? Yes please!!! Dalaran is amaze balls ! Please make it like the current Dalaran though where we could mix with each faction!

Artifact Weapons

Doomhammer ArtifactDoomhammer & Ashbringer!!

Doomhammer & Ashbringer!!

The new type of legendary/no more class talents while levelling sounds brilliant! This is totally taken from FFXIV and I don’t understand why people are complaining about this, I think this is brilliant, plus the ability to get different transmog from different things through the game/expansion.

Class Order Halls

A glimpse of a class hall

A glimpse of a class hall

The new and improved garrison. Not instanced. With a class storyline? This sounds great! I still need to read up more and keep an eye out about these though. Could we all get class mounts too? Don’t make it cost a raid tier though….

Adventure to Level 110
Ten levels not five is the way to go!

New Dungeons and Raids

With eight others too!

Hall of Valor! with eight other dungeons too

So Blizzard want to make Dungeons more of a thing! Brilliant! The list so far is nine dungeons! That is correct, nine! Some for levelling and some for after the story! And the two raids also look amazing! I say amazing too much… but they do! I’m really looking forward to the Emerald Nightmare!

New Honor System

I love the idea of prestige ranks. Everyone has the same advantage, PVP gear also no longer being something to carry in your bag! Wohoo!

Beta begins later this year.


Just, so happy. If they include everything announced it will be the largest and fullest expansion to date. And Blizzard please read my previous post HERE so you do not make any further mistakes and make this one what you have so far promised. Do not let your players down Blizzard, your subscribers and threatening to break Blizzard. If this expansion does not succeed, Warcraft will be over.

My guess is that beta will be launched at Blizzcon in November with the release making WoD an 18 month expansion which would funnily enough coincide with the Warcraft movie in May next year!

I will do more posts on the expansion as time goes on and more information comes out.

What do you think? Tweet me or comment below! Did you watch the stream and are you on the hype train or sitting in a jar of salt?

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4 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Legion!

  1. Hubby is the serious WoW here although he hadn’t played it for a while – it all hot boring for him. I played it for a while so I have som idea what you’re talking about! We were both a bit disappointed that there’s no new races though. But the new class is cool! I especially love that it’s only the Elves that can be a Demonhunter – a Blood Elf DH would be awesome!


    • I love that it’s only the elves too, makes me want to play one again! It is disappointing there is no new race but maybe that was too much! If everything works as promised so far, I don’t mind a bit about no new race. Perhaps they’ll add a new race in the next expansion after Legion! Did you guys used to raid or just enjoy the game? 😀


  2. My boyfriend is a big WoW fan, but has been rather disappointed of late with the expansions. He cancelled his membership a few months ago, but the new class is definitely tempting him back!
    I used to play but stopped a few months after Warlords of Draenor, I didn’t even complete the expansion. I lost interest and work took over too much of my playing time. I must admit, apart from listening to my boyfriend talk about it, yours is the first info on the new expansion I’ve actually sat down and read. The new class sounds interesting, not having to level up from 1 is ideal, and I like the idea of Dungeons playing a bigger part in the game. If like you say it does everything it promises, it could be the thing to tempt a lot of players (including me) back.



    • Hey and thanks for commenting 🙂 My Hubby is the one who got me into WoW (end of Cataclysm). We also cancelled ours not long after Warlords of Draenor came out. Hubby’s been back a few times (he’s just resubbed after the announcement!) I got to 100 on my mage but after our raid team fell apart dramatically, there was no reason to play. I realised quite early on that I was not wanting to do Garrison missions. I couldn’t even get my Hunter above 91, as soon as I unlocked the garrison I realised I noped out. WoD was such a disappointment.
      Thanks 🙂 I love the fact it’s going to be a Hero class. I really do not want to have to start again from 1, especially with the little time I get to play now haha! I’m dreading the launch day though, I don’t think I’ll be playing one until the starting area will be less congested, I remember Pandaria! I love dungeons, especially the older ones. Because they are short, they are also fun too compared to a raid that right now for me forms images of severe stress hehe.
      I’ll be doing a follow up to this post soon with more details, interviews are happening all the time and slowly more stuff is coming to light 🙂 I agree, this expansion will make or break Blizzard.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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