Why the Playstation 4 is Great for Us

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When the Playstation 4 came out, my Hubby showed a lot of control. It came out in the Autumn and he waited until January in the sales when there was an offer from a certain catalogue company. He was used to getting consoles when they came out, but he was now an adult with a family to make sure their needs are met.

To be honest, it sat there for 6 months not really doing much as he didn’t have a lot of games to play on it (there weren’t many out) and the price of new games really put him off. Then he switched it onto the main TV when we disposed of normal TV. Yes, we don’t watch TV. Set up Netflix and occasionally I would play a game that was free for PS+.

I really starting looking at the PS4 as a console when for Christmas last year he brought me FFXIV for it. I got it a few days early, before PSN got taken down (kids, don’t be jerks!). And I fell in love with it. I hadn’t got my new computer yet and I’d just had the old one finally give up on me so I was playing games on a now sluggish laptop (that reminds me, I still have to uninstall stuff on there!). It ran beautifully on the PS4, I could not believe how amazing it looked for a console running an MMO! I was expecting it to look awful. There was next to no lag when running ST and I just couldn’t believe how great it looked.

Hubby agreed and we started slowly (because damn those prices! Another post, another time!) building up a PS4 collection. InFamous Second Son and Watchdogs were two of them. We already had Knack, FIFA 2014, and Killzone free with the bundle Hubby brought. Of course, PS+ games helped build this up even more and we now have a really impressive library of games. Our most latest purchases include Driveclub and Batman: Arkham Knight. And of course Rocket League!

Occasionally during the day, I’ll pull up an armchair and load up Driveclub with some music going with Miss and her controller driving. Most of the time though I play the PS4 in the evenings. That way I can sit and play something like Watchdogs or InFamous that otherwise I’d miss the cutscenes of!

The PS4 is great for us. We can use Netflix (even if PSN is down hurrah!), put Spotify on for its vast library of children’s songs or popular songs for Mummy’s sanity! ; and of course play games, even remotely using the Vita! The other thing that is great is the integration of Twitch streaming. Hubby taught me about Twitch and those 3am feeds long ago would be made slightly better by Twitch streamers keeping my attention and awake rather that 3am TV! I have streamed on occasion, but I’m actually really shy! Seriously! I get self conscious about my voice. Anyway, being able to stream if I want to and watch other streamers play games on their PS4s is amazing. This is how I’ve found games I could be interested in getting- it’s great PR for games and their developers.

The one game that will test how I feel about the graphics and how it plays games will be The Last of Us. I was blown away on the PS3 version because of how it ran and how amazing it looked graphically. If the PS4 does not at least match it graphically (though to be fair Id be disappointed if it wasn’t better!) it would be a major let down. I don’t think I can describe how disappointed I would be. I’m going to get through some of my library of games first though!

I imagine as Miss gets older the use of the PS4 will change. I’ll even probably have to set her up a profile! But that’s the great thing about consoles, they grow and adapt with you.

How do you use your console other than for gaming? Tweet me or comment below, I would love to know.

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8 thoughts on “Why the Playstation 4 is Great for Us

  1. Hi there. My boyfriend and I use it mostly for gaming, but it is also quite useful in parties – for example, using Singstar for karaoke, and other party games. It’s also our DVD player if we happen to have something we’re not streaming.

    Btw, EVERYONE is playing Rocket League. That game is way too fun! We’ve mostly been on Destiny and Bloodborne recently as well.


    • Hello! I forgot about Singstar, we only have the demos and Let It Go (kids!) but we’re slowly adding to it. Used to play it a lot as a student with friends though so was great seeing old songs from the PS2 versions on there! And how obvious that I managed to miss the DVD player. It’s great and the bluray ability helps too, so much better quality!
      Rocket League is what I meant in my post, how did I miss that haha! It’s been reedited now 🙂 it’s amazingly fun though! Love it! I may do a post just on that.
      I must admit I haven’t seen much of Destiny (Hubby played the beta though) and Bloodborne is the next one we’re adding to our collection. Thanks for reading and replying! Any other games you’d recommend? I’m always looking for more!

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      • Dragon Age Inquisition and Shadow of Mordor are fun if you like the fantasy rpg genre, but I found both get repetitive fast. Still fun.

        A remake of FFVII was announced at the E3 conference recently, which is exciting but I have no clue when it’s coming out. It’s worth keeping an eye out for it though 😁

        There is also Elder Scrolls online that I really want to get. It’s an MMORPG but, as you rightly mentioned, buying new games can get expensive quickly! If I’m completely honest, I’ve got a massive back log of ps3 games to finish so I should probably start with those lol 😛


      • There has been a massive amount of good games starting to filter in. ESO I have maxed in and it’s great 🙂 now it’s F2P I can pick it up when I want.
        True, RPGs of all kinds get repetitive really quickly. It’s why I often have more than one game on the go! I’m awful for it lol!
        FFVII is going to be great but I doubt we’ll hear much more soon. Unless perhaps at GamesCon next week? Who knows!


  2. My wife and I use the PS4 for Netflix and Hulu (forget TV!). My wife doesn’t really play a whole lot of games but I did introduce her to Rocket League, that’s definitely a blast! If I am doing a deep clean of the house I’ll blast Spotify for some motivation. Good read!


    • Thank you! Yes, no point in having TV these days! With Netflix and nearly any show you want able to be streamed, no point. Rocket League is amazing, and the times of games make it easy for me to get a quick match in when Miss is eating! Thanks for commenting 😄


  3. I bought my PS4 on Prime Day last month, so got Amazon Video as part of the trial. Now that’s nearly over we’re seriously considering dropping our Sky subscription just so we can stay with a streaming service! (And to finally get to our massive DVD backlog, but that’s just a side benefit.)

    Are you enjoying WatchDogs? I’ve only got Wolfenstein so far and am looking at other titles.


    • Streaming is great, we don’t miss TV channels at all. If there’s anything specific (like Hubby’s football) we ask in laws to record it or watch on catch up. It saves an unbelievable amount of money too. I totally missed Prime Day until it was too late haha! I highly recommend Netflix personally though I know some people love Now TV but I’ve not tried it yet.

      Watchdogs is awesome. It has the odd bug occasionally but it looks amazing still. If you can get it for a decent price I would definitely say to grab it! InFamous Second Son is another one to grab when you can. With the Sony sale at the moment, perfect time to build up a library! How’s Wolfenstein? Hubby wants it but he’s still unsure!


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