What to do when tantrums get you down 

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This week has been a pure battle of wills. Miss now no longer listens to me, and instead bites, hits, shouts and treats me like I’m garbage. A slave for her every whim. If I say “no” she completely ignores it.

This causes major problems when we are out. I no longer can risk taking her to my local shop as she cannot be trusted to stay holding my hand or not shoplift. Obviously this is dangerous, we do not exactly live in a very quiet area and some drivers do not think about their speeding in a mainly family orientated neighbourhood.

I’m starting a new job soon, so I really don’t want to come home and just end up with a headache. I want it to be that I can come home and play with her.

The final straw with this behaviour was when we took her swimming the beginning of last week. Both before and after she decided that it was her way or no way. The changing room echoed with her high pitched, ear piercing screams that completely made the fact she was swimming solo in the pool a non event. Hubby said after he knew something was wrong as other parents were coming out whispering and muttering to themselves. When we got home, I burst into tears. My darling girl who loves to help and was the most polite kid ever had turned into a headache-inducing monster. And ninety-nine percent of the time the evil part was aimed at Mummy.

There has been major changes since then, some of which mean there are a few extra tantrums. However, they are contained. To a point heh.

  • No TV after breakfast. Unless the PS4 is going on for a game for family game time, Spotify music is the rest of the day. More on this in a later post!
  • Time out/Naughty Chair. We have rules and if they are not followed there are consequences. Miss will be made safe on the chair and I make sure she cannot hurt herself in her rage before I leave and ignore her.
  • There are rules. Why is this a bulletpoint? Because kids need boundaries. If they think they can get away with anything, they will and they will do it.

This works for me. She and I are both happier people.

The point is, this is learning for the whole family. When looking into how to discipline your children, there are many different methods. Some will work, others won’t. If you’re a parent who like me last week is in tears reading this, don’t worry. It is okay to cry, go scream in a pillow and be mad. Just go take a break (safely!), have a cuppa and rethink. Remember that your child reflects your moods and just try to relax. It will be okay.

What do you do or have you tried? Comment here or catch me on Twitter @TheGamingMum and brainstorm!

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