Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward

With all the excitement of E3, I almost forgot about early access for FFXIV Heavensward expansion! Well that and the nasty cold flu virus thing Miss brought home. Due to the illness, I couldn’t progress as much as I would have liked but I am loving this expansion, though there are a few exceptions. I am taking time to write this so there are no spoilers!
So the story follows on from the end of 2.5. We are headed to Ishgard, and once through the gate, oh my goodness. Square Enix has created a beautiful city with tall buildings, kids throwing snowballs at you (they actually hit too!), absolutely amazing architecture and much more. There are plenty of aetherites to attune with so you can make your way round the city easily too. And it’s here the story begins.

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful

The zones are beautifully designed, and we get to fly! It is just as well because you will find flying so much more useful than running from one end of the map to another for side quests (more on those later). They are huge. In fact I would say most of my time in the expansion is getting the aether currents (you need all these in an area so you can fly) and going from point A to B.


Flying! Not the best pic, but no spoilers 😉

The Au Ra is a brand new race and they are so detailed. Hubby wants me to race change and I may after I’ve finished the story, but I’m very attached to my kitty (Miqo’te)! He’s race changed and the detail on the faces and scales is purely stunning. What I am finding is a huge amount of Au Ra characters! I’m sure as time goes on we’ll see variety again.
Currently I am level 59 and slowly running out of quests. How could that be happening? I hear you ask. Square Enix has made levelling ten more levels very difficult. Main Story quests give you the most experience but you’ll soon find the story locking out until the next level. In order to carry on, you need to hit those side quests (“go here and find this thing I left somewhere over the other side of the map!”). When you have flying in a zone, it makes it faster but often side quests are granting you aethers so off over the other side of the map with you for at least an hour! This makes levelling slow, and tedious. People did manage it within 24 hours but I’ve no idea how. A week on and I’m still not nearly close, Hubby who played more during day time than me finally hit sixty two days ago and he plays fast. It’ll be so easy to burn out trying to get to sixty, and I’m turning music on in the background and only turning it off for the story because otherwise I’m getting bored and unfocused. There is a chart made by a user on Reddit who has shown how steep this experience levelling curve is. It is ridiculous.

My Bard, she's awesome!

My Bard, she’s awesome!

My main class is a Bard, and at 50 I loved it! I was ranged, no cast times, I was helpful and yet could still kill things solo. Then Wanderers Minuet. Oh dear. Square Enix what did you do to my specialist! I feel like a Mage on World of Warcraft wet noodling all over the place! (Note: I can say this because my main is a Mage! See THIS post) Even now there is not enough Theorycraft (parsers are still not tracking DoTs and technically still against Terms of Service). I just feel broken. And with one of the new classes (Machinist) becoming essentially the new Bard, I really hope Square Enix has a think about how Bards have been screwed over. I don’t read Japanese but even on the Japanese forums fellow Bards are voicing their concerns so it’s not a “western” problem as some suggested. Note: I use the term “western” in no derogatory terms for players here in the west and those in Japan. I will have to explore more of end game to see how I feel about it.

I will be levelling another class as Bards are in a weird place right now. As to what I’m not sure. I do really want to try the new classes but there is so many of them! We’ll see.
If anyone is reading this and would like to be recruited in FfXIV for free stuff, please comment or tweet me! I’d be very happy to help you!

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