Just keep swimming! First time at the pool!


Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far at 34c! We’d gone to visit the grandparents and were sat in the garden talking when Hubby had a brain wave. “Let’s go swimming!” Genius. The paddling pool, while great, meant that Nanny couldn’t get in and was feeling left out (she has physical disabilities) so when this was suggested, she kick started into gear and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her move that fast! 

This was the first time we had taken Miss swimming and to be honest, I’m not the best swimmer. I can swim but not for long and I flounder a bit, also I have to know I can touch the bottom. So no deep end for me! When Miss is older, I’m hoping she’ll have even just a few lessons so she can be properly accustomed to the water and feel safe in it. From pregnancy I wanted to take her swimming but due to not being a strong swimmer I always put it off. There is only so much you can teach her in a bath (safety stuff and about floating with Mummy holding). 

Armbands were purchased, costumes changed into and slowly walked Miss from the changing room to the pool. She did not want to let go of my hand. Hubby helped her get her armbands on and we walked in. Our local pool has a beach like setup so little kids can paddle and explore the pool safely. 

To begin with, she definitely wasn’t sure. The water was cool and it was a lot bigger than the paddling pool at Nanny’s house! We were lucky in that for a general swim session, it was fairly quiet. I think if it had been noisy, lots of kids and all hell breaking loose (how I expect it to be when summer break starts in two weeks!) she would’ve noped right out of there.

With a lot of encouragement and the introduction to a pool noodle, she started to float and kick her legs! (“A noodle?! Mummy you’re silly!”) I’m so proud. If anyone splashed near her she panicked a little bit but for the child that has screamed about hair washing for two years, she did amazingly. 

When time was finally up as we only had an hour in the pool, Miss started to cry.

“I don’t want to get out Mummy!”

Bless her. I had to explain that there were children having lessons now so we had to get out and we’d come another day. 

So really, that first swim went swimmingly! (Pah bum tsst! Alright I’ll stop the puns..) We are trying to be a healthier family (more on that in another post) and swimming is probably one of the better exercises this Mummy can do since she has no idea how to exercise. And bonus is, when Hubby and I went solo when she was at preschool on Friday, I got my confidence up and I didn’t hurt after. We are headed there today, and Miss is so excited! 

Have been swimming with young children? Did you pay for lessons or you also going solo? Comment and tweet me, I’d love to hear your stories!


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