E3 2015 – Hype Train choo choo!

E3 2015 Week hype!

E3 2015 Week hype!

So it’s here! The conferences are done, and wow what an expo! So many games, so much excitement I can barely contain myself.

Firstly if you want a full list of games at E3 this year, Aussieallroundgaming has made a great list for you which can be found here.

So Microsoft made Hubby want to buy one (especially now it’s cheaper), so that’s obviously a good sign. 

Sony. Oh my goodness, gracious me! Sony blew everyone away, then promptly did it again. Below are some games I had to mention, but you should really watch the replay of the Sony Conference on YouTube. There were so many and it was a proper games conference.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian


Now I had no idea why Hubby squealed and nearly fell off his chair (I’m not exaggerating!), but this looks amazing and definitely my type of game! The pup thing creature.. I want one to cuddle with!! Cannot wait for this!


   (C)Media Molecule

Imagine if there was a way to explore safely anything you wanted. Perhaps a dinosaur wearing a top hat that happens to be a magician? Or a shark on land? What Media Molecule suggested was that anything you imagine can be made reality within Dreams. I absolutely adore this idea! I could use this to make Miss interactive stories together or anything! I really hope it is what it seems.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


(C)Guerilla Games

This was the one where my jaw hit the floor. It was gameplay, it was beautiful, and robot dinosaurs! Apparently this game by Guerilla Games is completely open world goodness and I can’t wait to hear more about it! Even now I watch the trailer just to see if I spot anything that I missed because it really is that breathtaking. Just, wow.

There were so many games that this blog post would be far too long if I went into detail. 

What were your favourites? Tweet or comment below as to what you thought!


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