Heroes of the Storm: Nexus Calling

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm (c)Blizzard Entertainment

A little over a week ago now on June 2nd 2015, Blizzard Entertainment launched Heroes of the Storm (Heroes or HotS for short). After being in closed testing for over a year, finally the general populace could try out this interesting game.

Blizzard calls it an “arena brawler” and slightly under the umbrella of a MOBA, a Multiplayer online battle arena. There are five “heroes” on each team and one team is vs the other. In order to win, your team must be better at doing the objectives on the map. There are currently seven battleground maps with one more coming very soon. Do the objectives, get in the best position and destroy the enemy’s core.

Now I love it, I really do. Especially the fact you can buy heroes with ingame gold instead of real money. I may not be great at it, but I’m getting better! But since launch (I got invited during closed beta), there is a few massive problems.

  1. The EU servers are full of a lot of people who will talk among themselves interior native language and ignore requests that you do not speak Russian, Spanish or German. Now I am not racist. I have friends all over the world, my family isn’t exactly pure English either. I’ve met some great people through the quick match from other countries. Of course, this also means there can be issues with random disconnects too which can lose a match as people are effectively all over the world with varying speeds and reliability of Internet.

But this isn’t a solo game which leads me to the biggest problem-

  1. Communication is key & this is a team game. I don’t know if it’s people not understanding the game or just plain spoilsports, but if you do not communicate (even by pings, I mean come on?) how is everyone else supposed to know you’re in trouble? Or to pull together in the team fight that wiped out most of the team because one person was attacking minions in late game for no real reason? Then call the team rubbish and expletives because s/he didn’t help. I mean, really? If I’m in a quick match with a team that does not communicate, I’m pretty certain it’s a loss though I have been pleasantly surprised, but it’s rare.

So because of these issues even though I’m rank 30 and I could do Hero League, I’m not. I would rather wait until Hubby and I find a group of people (or even one!) so that we have the best chance because we can communicate. Plus it gives me longer to find s few more Heroes I’m good at!

If you’re in the Nexus and you want to chat over Battle.net or want to party up, feel free to send me a comment or a tweet and let’s get ourselves a winning streak!


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