Being a Mum & Gamer : Time Juggling

Time and balance is a juggling act

Time and balance is a juggling act

There are a lot of things that need my time and attention on. First, a mother who is the cook, errand runner, cleaner, laundry woman, transport, and scheduler. She is also the teacher, the nurse, and the best friend who you can have an all day imaginary tea party with. Frankly just looking at that list exhausts me and I’m still bound to have forgotten something! My day as mum starts around 8am, though can be as early as 7:30, and doesn’t end until sometimes 9:30pm, but 8pm is preferred.

Then I’m the wife. A lot of my day counts for the mother too, but we as a couple always make sure we spend quality time together in the evenings. Even if it’s catching up on GoT or watching a Twitch streamer before usually I pass out on the sofa.

So then comes the gamer/person that is behind all that. Everyone needs to relax, and for me (now I have very little time to sit and enjoy a book like I used to) gaming definitely does this. It is my escapism from the daily grind of being an adult. I’ll expand more on this in another post, but I love being whisked away by immersive games with the music and sounds of a new strange world.

When do I find time to play? Well, this really varies. Sometimes I’ll boot up a PS4 game such as Knack or an indie game first thing when I wake up (7am every day). Other mornings I’m just zoned out and just read Reddit or other blogs until I’m awake enough to boil the kettle. But usually the three afternoons a week Miss goes to nursery is my definite gaming time. There is the evenings too, but after our dinner after she is in bed, there is no guarantee that me and hubby will be awake enough to see text on a computer screen. I try and make sure that for those three afternoons I do not have any chores to do (as a rule most things are dealt with daily). That way if I want to play video games I can, but if I want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Netflix with hubby I can do that too!

When do you play your games? Comment and let me know your thoughts!


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