Getting a Threenager to eat healthy

Getting a Threenager to eat vegetables sometimes isn't easy

Getting a Threenager to eat vegetables sometimes isn’t easy

The bane of chicken nuggets!

For those not aware a Threenager is a three year old who is a mini glimpse of life with a teenager. Getting Miss to eat anything new is sometimes very stressful if it is obvious on her plate. She will cry and scream if she is even told to try it. Then says she doesn’t like it when it has not gone anywhere near her mouth yet. The one food she would eat every meal if she could would be chicken nuggets. I hate giving her processed food and because of my dodgy relationship with food, I am trying so hard to give her a better attitude and better all round diet than me.

So how do I get my Threenager to move past the chicken nuggets? I have a variety of different ways, the main one being that she has to try everything on her plate. Just once. This encourages her that she doesn’t have to eat it all, (I’m not going to force her!) but Mummy made this and would like her to try one mouthful with no pressure. We still get a tantrum about that one spoonful but it is smaller than earlier methods. She has to be encouraged. Sometimes, saying “oh Miss isn’t going to eat (food here) all up” will make her gobble up the evil food. Reverse psychology.

With her I’ve noticed that a lot of the foods she doesn’t like involves textures. If they’re bitty (contain mince for example) she really doesn’t like it. To be fair, this is something I have trouble with. I don’t know why but I hate lumpy food and even mash when smooth I cannot stand it in my mouth. I still make a point of eating it though. Because I have learnt that if Miss sees something that we adults don’t eat, she will refuse to eat it.

So if you are a parent, this is what I do that may help you.

  • Try one mouthful of everything
  • Try at least one new food or food done differently each week
  • Reverse psychology (you’re not going to eat that _____)
  • Don’t take the easy route of chicken nuggets just because s/he wants them. The adults pick tonight’s meal.
  • Make sure the food makes a healthy and balanced meal
  • Make sure there is not too much on the plate. This can be overwhelming and resort in nothing eaten

We still have issues, but this helps a lot. Last night for example, she refused to eat her vegetables!

If you have a young child who has problems with food and have any other suggestions why not comment below? Each child is different after all!


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